Andy Burns – Match Day Manager

Age 51
Joined 16th March 2017

Andy was born in Doncaster and has been a life long fan of the Greatest Game (TGG) Rugby League. His earliest memories of the sport were supporting Doncaster Rugby League Club in the 1970’s standing on the terraces with his dad. These were in the days of the famous or possibly not so famous in the south “Another Bloody Sunday”, worth googling it to have a look at some of the footage of what Rugby League was like in those days, and for Doncaster it involved loosing nearly every week, the clue is in the title, but Andy still somehow fell in love with the sport.

Andy moved down to South Wales for work and got involved with a new start up Rugby League Club at the time in Bridgend called Celtic Crusaders. Andy took up the role of Supporters Club Chairman in 2006 and set up the Junior Cru (the Junior Supporters Club) in 2007. Andy stayed in the role until the club folded in 2010. The club had some success rising through the lower echelons of the professional sport into Super League before owner Leighton Samuel pulled the plug, but luckily now Wales have two fledgling semi-professional outfits plying their trade in Championship One (South Wales Ironmen formerly Scorpions & North Wales Crusaders) and to some extent were effectively born out of the demise of Celtic Crusaders. The is now a relatively strong youth set up in Wales which was started in the days when Celtic Crusaders were established. This feeds into both a strong community game that is likely to have two divisions in 2017 and the semi-professional clubs.

Andy played a prominent role in increasing the fan base of the Celtic Crusaders at the time, introducing Juniors to our great game and helped promote the game across a wider area in South Wales. Andy is really enthusiastic about getting back involved with the sport at Bath Rugby League.