Alex Burns

Team Open Age - First Team
Job Director of Rugby
Joined 5th June 2017
The Rugby side of the club is headed up by Director of Rugby Alex Burns who is promoted from Head Coach in 2018 after leading the club to winning the West of England Championship. Alex will focus on shaping a wider vision for the club and its continued growth on and off the pitch.
On his appointment Burns, commented “Achieving success as a club on and off the pitch last season will act as a springboard towards the ambitions of Bath Rugby League. Our coaching restructure will allow us to get the best out of everyone at the club. Matt Bodey has shown excellent potential as a young coach, and taking on the Head Coach role will give him further opportunities to develop. As DoR, I will be able to work closely with Club Coordinator Chris Chatten to establish and implement a wider vision for the club and align our on pitch performance with our strong club culture.”