Heritage Number 2. Gabe Hamer Webb

Like Ruben, Gabe attended Beechen Cliff School and played with Ruben at Bath Rugby Academy before going onto make several appearances in the first team with some success scoring a fantastic try in a European game and has also featured in premiership fixtures. He played on the wing for Bath Rugby League in the inaugural fixture taking the number 2 jersey, but had to wait until the following week to get on the score sheet, scoring a brace at Oxford Cavaliers only denied a hat trick by the refs decision.

Gabe commented about his time with Bath Rugby League:

“I came across Bath Rugby League after hearing about them from Ruben Moxham, he thought it would be a new challenge that summer now that the union season was over, and it was great fun to try something new, playing against people a lot older also made it more enjoyable as you had to hit harder and run faster.”

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