Get to know… Taelor Bowen

#gettingtoknow series

First memory of rugby?

My first rugby memory was playing for Avon a Rugby Union club with some very talented lads in a great youth set up back then games controlled by Ali Lane and Billy Burns what a partnership!!

Debut for any club?

Rugby Union – Avon minis, Old Culverhaysians, Oldfield Old Boys

Bath Rugby League debut?

Bath Rugby League’s first year together against Southampton Spitfires (long away trip)

Have your always wanted to be a Rugby League player?

No I never really thought about it until I was approached by Chris Chatten

What attracted you to play Rugby League/for the club?

The good bunch of players at the club always welcoming

What advice would you give to someone getting into Rugby League?

Dont knock it until you try it!

Favourite Bath Rugby League moment?

Has to be getting to and playing in a 10s Rugby Union Final (At Westbury) as a league team!

What’s been your favourite memory in your career so far?

As union player being a part of the Oldfield squad that got promoted from the Somerset Premier, ok I only had 4 appearances but what a memory and first year at the club!

Are you interested in any other sports?

Love a bit of cycling I’m very new to it but when rugby is done this could be the next sport!

Favourite food?

My homemade dirty fries absolutely bloody naughty!

Least favourite food?

Fish as I’m allergic

Favourite hobbies?

Nothing beats a bit of ps4 got to be warzone

Favourite places to travel?

Tenerife also going the have an apartment there shared between my siblings that was left from my late mother

If you were stuck on a desert island with one other Bath player who would it be?

James Noott as I might become more educated, plus when it comes down to no food and I’m starving I’m sure he would make a good meal being a vegan

If you were stuck on a desert island which item would you choose to have?

My phone so I could call someone to get me off it as noot (James Noott) would be killing me with his grammar lessons

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