Get to know…Matt Warnock

First memory of rugby?

As a kid running about at Frome RFC.

Debut for any club?

Going through the junior ranks and into senior rugby at 17 for Frome RFC.

My Debut for Bath…

In the Clubs opening season, at home against Portsmouth.

Have you always wanted to become a rugby league player?

I became a fan of the sport aged about 17, not being a big sport in the South it took a while until a club was established to start playing.

What advise would you give someone getting into Rugby League?

For those who play Union I encourage you to give it a try, the game is fast paced and can help your Union game during the off season.

Favourite Bath Rugby League moment?

Just seeing the club development over the past few seasons has been great.

What’s been your favourite memory in your career so far?

The club winning some silverware back in 2018 was enjoyable.

Are you into any other sports?

Rugby Union

Favourite food?

Chippy Tea!

Least favourite food?


Favourite hobbies?

Rugby League & Union

Favourite places to travel?

The beach

If you were stuck on a desert island with one other bath player who would it be?

Bodey, some good discussions (arguments) about the Origin series!

If you were stuck on a desert island which item would you choose to have?

Sun tan lotion!

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