Get to know…Kieran Broomsgrove

#gettingtoknow series

First memory of rugby?
Going down Clifton RFC as a mini to watch my brother play (and buy sweets).

Debut for any club?
Barton Hill RFC in 2013

Bath Rugby League debut?
On a cold windy night against Bath Uni Dec ‘18, will never let Alex Dare down for coming off after 10 for a sore finger!

Have your always wanted to be a Rugby League player?
I remember telling Matty Jones and Callum Merrett that I’ve always loved league… they may recall it slightly differently though.

What attracted you to play Rugby League/for the club?
Alex Dare convinced me to give it a shot after promising to buy me food and a pint after training, naturally I said yes.

What advice would you give to someone getting into Rugby League?
Watch a few pro games first and get an understanding if you’re used to union. Took me ages not to want to go in for a ruck.

Favourite Bath Rugby League moment?
The boys! The lads behind the badge have made the club what it is.

What’s been your favourite memory in your career so far?
Beating Lithuania at London 9s last year with Bath being half the size of those units and still coming out on top!

Are you interested in any other sports?
I play union for Weston Super Mare but that’s about it other than the occasional run.

Favourite food?
Fajitas, can’t go to uni and say anything else can you??

Least favourite food?

Favourite hobbies?
Winning the gulag

Favourite places to travel?
Lindos in Rhodes, would live there if I could. Not sure it’ll be good for a ginger like me though!

If you were stuck on a desert island with one other Bath player who would it be?
Chatts (Chris Chatten) for sure! If he can survive up north, he could survive a desert island easy.

If you were stuck on a desert island which item would you choose to have?
A rugby ball so I can have all the time to finally practice how to pass.

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