Get to know… Jack Civill-Williams

#gettingtoknow series

First memory of rugby?

Watching Bristol rugby (Bristol Bears) with my dad and brother.

Debut for any club?

Young Debut- Cleve RFC Adult Debut – Thornbury RFC V Barton Hill

Bath Rugby League debut?

June 2018 VS. Cheltenham Phoenix. 1st club try and 6 month injury with it.

Have your always wanted to be a rugby league player?

Yes, 100%

What attracted you to play Rugby League/for the club?

The big hits and the family environment of the club.

What advice would you give to someone getting into Rugby League?

Dive straight in, if you’re not sure, ask questions, we all have to learn!

Favourite Bath Rugby League moment?

Scoring my first try – great build up play, unselfish quick hands in the far corner.

What’s been your favourite memory in your career so far?

Even though I wasn’t able to play, seeing the lads give 110% against Cheltenham Phoenix to win West Of England Championship in 2018!

Are you interested in any other sports?

Rugby Union, Aussie Rules Football and MMA

Favourite food?


Least favourite food?


Favourite hobbies?

Making and playing music, seeing friends.

Favourite places to travel?

Alicante, Spain

If you were stuck on a desert island with one other Bath player who would it be?

Ben Shedwick – natural leader

If you were stuck on a desert island which item would you choose to have?

A rugby ball or Water

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