Get to know…Hugo Cole

First rugby memory was Johnny Wilkinson’s drop goal, had a mate show me that and I was like that’s pretty sick.

Debut for any club?

My debut was for Chippenham rfc

Bath rugby league debut… was last season against Oxford

Have you always wanted to become a Rugby League player?

Definitely say my passion for the sport has increased since playing it and one day want to aspire to play for Melbourne Storm

What advise would you give someone getting into Rugby League?

Really throw yourself into the tackle and get a good feel for it just do everything with a bit of passion.

What attracted you to play Rugby League/for the club?

I would say the big hits really attracted me and made me want to give it a try and try and build up to being able to put them in myself.

Favourite Bath Rugby League moment?

Annihilating Swindon by 104 points

What has been your favourite memory in your career so far?

Winning the Bristol combination cup when I was 15.

Are you interested in any other sports?

I used to be into Boxing but gave that up to play Rugby League over the summer.

Favourite food?

Steak and chips.

Least favourite food?

I hate mushrooms.

Favourite hobbies?

Playing rugby, going to the gym and having a pint

Favourite place to travel?

America like Florida

If I was stuck on an island with one other Bath player who would it be?

Probs would be Cam Taylor who was there with me.

If you were stuck on a desert island which item would you choose to have?

I would choose to have an unlimited supply of Corona Extra

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